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Working with a Small Kitchen

Working with a Small Kitchen

Tips to help make your small kitchen effective and organised

Every home functions differently. The time we spend in each room varies according to our lifestyle. Small kitchens are usually paired with small apartments. And most small apartments are inhabited by students, bachelors and small families. Most students these days are finding the value in cooking their own meals, in terms of dollar savings and health benefits. But the issue with working in a small kitchen is often to have it organised. The lack of space and cabinets makes it difficult to remember and access ingredients at the right time.

Here is a list of ways you can make most out of your cramped kitchen:

  • Keep the most frequently used ingredients such as oils and spices very close to the cooking area. This limits the spillage to that area and helps to get access quickly. Multi-levelled stands can be a great space-efficient solution to store such items.
  • Maximise all the available space in the kitchen. The area under your sink can be used to store a basket of ingredients that are less commonly used. Or to store excess stock that you use to replenish your jars once a month.
  • If you have any hands on experience with carpentry, or by appointing a professional, build utility closets that snug in tightly to the existing space without creating an obstacle.
  • Avoid keeping ingredients and packaged food in its original packaging. Using labelled jars or clear glass jars can maximise the utility of available space and speed up the cooking process.
  • If you’re one to not use the dishwasher, you can use this space to dry your dishes. It is a great concealed place that allows quick access to what you need.
  • Always keep similar types of foods together. For example, keep lentils in one section, while the other can store sauces. This speeds up the process of finding such items.

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