Strip and Seals Cleaning Adelaide

Extend the wear of your floor with our vinyl strip and sealing service. Without proper sealing and care, Vinyl floors may lose their sheen. They get yellowish; also fade color with scratches and abrasions. They attract a lot of grease and make the flooring worse. We reseal or seal the vinyl and also buff up the surface with fabulous shine. Our services help extend the wear and also reduce the marks, fading of color and scratches on the vinyl.

With the same kind of care and focus on quality, we also take care of your terracotta tiles and/or slate flooring.

Though vinyl and linoleum floors are made to be extremely durable, they still require maintenance so that their resilience and shine is preserved. We offer floor maintenance services for domestic as well as commercial places. This includes refinishing, floor stripping, polishing and sealing of your floors’ surfaces so that they keep on appearing as good as new.

We are well trained for servicing all kind of floor types, be it marble, wood block, terrazzo, non-slip altro, or any other which may exist. Strip and Seal can be applied with astonishing results to any kind of floor like Sales floors, Toilet floors, Office floors, Canteen floors, Corridor Vinyl floors, Commercial floors, Warehouse floors, Hospital floors, Public floors,basketball floors, Shop floor etc…

If the vinyl floors in the home or work place are not looking bright or not shining, you can opt for our service which will impart life to your vinyl strip and floor. The floor will not only start looking new again but it will also protect the vinyl surface for longer and make it much easier to maintain.

In this process, we will strip the layers of sealer from the vinyl surface. Once these layers are removed, a detailed cleaning of naked surface is followed. After the surface has dried completely, new re-sealant is carefully applied to the surface. Time duration and chemical to be used depend on the condition of the floor.

Material Surfaces

Brick, Concrete, Concrete Tile, French Pavers, Granite, Grout, Masonry, Marble Tile, R-Tech Concrete, Saltillo Pavers, Slate, Stone, Terracotta Tile, Terrazzo Tile, Limestone

Our Services:

  • Sales floors
  • Toilet floors
  • Office floors
  • Canteen floors
  • Corridor Vinyl floors
  • Commercial floors
  • Warehouse floors
  • Hospital floors
  • Public floors
  • Shop floor

Material Surfaces

  • Brick
  • Concrete
  • Concrete Tile
  • French Pavers
  • Granite
  • Grout
  • Masonry
  • Marble Tile
  • R-Tech Concrete
  • Saltillo Pavers
  • Slate
  • Stone
  • Terracotta Tile
  • Terrazzo Tile
  • Limestone