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Spring Cleaning at Home

Spring Cleaning at Home

As spring arrives, so does the need for spring cleaning. Spring is not the only time that calls for a thorough cleaning of the house. But we tend to miss out on cleaning several hard to reach or frequently used areas and appliances of the home, and that is why spring cleaning is the best time to get around to removing that dirt with some elbow grease.

Here we have a list of some areas that you should take a second look at:

  • Cleaning Behind Huge Appliances (Fridge, Television, etc)

When was the last time we found time to even look behind the fridge, let alone making an attempt to clean it. The sight of it might put you off at first, but each opportunity you have to keep every corner free from dust, webs and the kind, adds to a healthier tomorrow.

  • Cleaning Ceiling Fans

The ceiling fans are finally approaching their time of being used, and they have been accumulating plenty of dust. Before the time comes to use it, take a damp cloth and press the blade between it and slowly pull the dust on to a protective covering down below.

  • Cleaning the Shower Head

We use the shower each day, and over time the water flow speed and direction get obstructed by deposits on the nozzles. This can be easily removed by placing the head in a bag of non-corrosive cleaning agent for a few hours.

  • Cleaning the Sink

The sink might get cleared by the water with every wash, but a certain thick layer of food deposits on to the metal surface. Scrub with dishwasher liquid or an all-purpose cleaner. Rub with a toothbrush for better cleaning action.

  • Disinfect Your Toilet

The toilet is usually taken care from the edges and through the inner walls, spring time cleaning calls for a complete disinfection of the outer walls as well. Use a disinfectant on the outer walls and allow settling for 2 minutes. Then wipe clean with a dry cloth.

These home keeping tips should be plenty to have you spotting these areas and getting around to cleaning them. For a comprehensive spring clean, give All Purpose solutions a call on 08 7073 2914.

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