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How to Pressure Wash Your Concrete or Brick Driveway

What about giving a makeover to the driveway on your property? The reasons behind the need can be many, and range from increasing the home’s curb appeal without spending much on the new construction to simply feeling good each time you pull up your car from the garage. All Purpose Solutions, with its driveway washing services in Adelaide, aims to make your dream driveway come true with gleaming effects. We can make your driveway look as new as the recently constructed driveway in your neighbourhood.

Whether you are dealing with concrete, brick, pavers or asphalt driveways, the best and quickest way to clean any driveway is with the pressure wash. The cars and the tyres bring along oil, grease, dirt and grime. Considerately, the surface of driveways are porous and tend to get dirty easily with everything that the car brings along. It is practically very boring to spend your weekends working with a hose to clean your driveways. We understand the fact and help you in the cleaning process with our driveway washing service.

What actually is driveway pressure washing? In this process, professional driveway cleaners spray high volume of water at high pressure and temperature. The minimum recommended pressure for pressure washing any driveway is 3000 pounds per square inch. This is the most effective way of cleaning your driveways and professional cleaners consider the following easy steps to make your driveway gleaming again:

1. Cleaning – Move the possible unwanted cars, loose debris, outdoor furniture, children toys etc from the driveway. If the driveway is in the vicinity to walls or doors, it is highly mandatory to cover them with tarp and masking tape. Also look for an area on the driveway which is damaged and needs repair before pressure washing.

2. Dealing with grease and oil – Saw dust and cat litter work the best in soaking up the excess grease from the drive.

3. Pre-treating the drive – Spray the driveway with good quality cleaning solution and scrub with a brush broom. Cleaning solutions like pressure washer detergents and degreasers are allowed to sit for about 10-20 minutes. This step is important to ensure maximum effectiveness of pressure washing.

4. Pressure washing – High pressure steam is directed over the entire driveway. The high pressure removes the stubborn grime and dirt, making your driveway look as clean as new. Additionally, to avoid future stains and any form of damage, seal the driveway.

It is recommended to pressure wash your concrete driveways atleast once a year to prevent weather damage or any form of wear. Moreover, clients should know that the condition of the driveway impacts the curb appeal of the house. A clean and well-maintained drive would not only look good to you but create a good impression on the buyer if you are planning to sell your house. Additionally, pressure cleaning is more affordable than replacing and paving the driveway.

Does your driveway need more than just a good scrub? Contact us on 08 8296 1956/04 5553 3313 or info@allpurposesolutions.com.au. We have the right tools and professional home cleaning service adelaide expertise for your driveways.