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Better Place in Life

Moving to a Better Place in Life

Thinking of selling off your house?

Here is a list of items that you might want to consider for making your house a deal that should not be missed.

Every summer and spring, residential owners and tenants get charged up to do a sort of ritualistic cleaning of their properties. With the warm weather comes the opportunity for making the backyards and front lawns look their best and also the plentiful sunlight entering the house creates an opportunity for making all that sparkles, shine.

Timing of selling the house:

The summer and spring times are also considered to be a great time to put the house on the market. The warm weather makes garden areas look mesmerising, in turn making the house seem more welcoming.

Areas of Focus:

There are three main areas of focus, which the buyer observes with extra scrutiny:

1.Driveway/Pathway leading to the main door:
This is the most obvious starting point. As the buyer observes if there is a sense of welcome, he/she will also pay very close attention to the paving material. If there are stone tiles, you need to ensure that the gaps between them are cleaned thoroughly as it creates a beautiful sight once clean. Yet another common issue is oil spills from the car and mould forming on pathways. All of these can be taken care of professionally.

The Kitchen is one of the most fundamental parts of the house. A common housewife will spend most of her time here making delicious meals for her loved ones. And for working couples it can serve as a place to cook and eat. Getting the kitchen sorted can increase the chances of hitting a good deal.

Bathrooms are next on the list. Having clean fittings, tiles and grouts should help to take care of this area.

We hope you get more than you ask for in the real estate market. And if you’re ever planning to sell your house, we can take care of you all the way.

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