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What To Know Before Hiring Carpet Cleaning Service in Adelaide

If the carpets at your home are more about odours, soiled appearance and stubborn stains, it is probably the time to get them professionally cleaned. Carpets are not cheap investments, costing between $4000 to $5000 on an average, and need to be regularly maintained. The carpet owners should also ensure that the carpet cleaners they hire are aware of the fact and are confident about handling your carpets. As per the Australian standards of efficient carpet cleaning, it is highly recommended that the carpets are cleaned twice annually.

How to Choose the Best Suitable Carpet Cleaning Service in Adelaide? Before you finalise your professional carpet cleaner, it is important to keep certain factors in mind.

1. Always choose services and quality over price tagged by the carpet cleaner. Price should never be the deciding factor for carpet cleaning services as quality services are never cheap. You should avoid the temptation of falling prey to ‘bait and switch’ marketing technique. Under these extreme circumstances, the clients end up paying much more than the original quote.

2. The carpet cleaning industry is unregulated and there are very few professionally trained carpet cleaners. Qualified carpet cleaning technicians hold a Certificate II or III in carpet cleaning operations. The training and certifications specialise them in work health, safety, appropriate chemical handling, identification of proper chemical for the carpet type and efficient handling of the carpet cleaning equipment.

3. The time taken to clean the carpet generally varies according to the size of the carpet, number of carpets, methods being used, how much furniture needs to be removed and time taken to dry the carpet. Make sure that the carpet cleaner does a proper assessment and gives you a tentative time which would be taken  to clean the carpet or the carpets, before he starts the carpet cleaning process.

4. Prefer carpet cleaners who are members of associations and have a great track record. National trade associations in Australia provide training for their members and ensure voluntary code of practice. The major benefit behind choosing a carpet cleaner who is member of such an association means that you can contact the respective association, if you are not satisfied with the services. The major associations include, Specialised Cleaning & Restoration Industry Association and Carpet Cleaning Association of WA.

5. A good carpet cleaner would always give the guarantees offered by them in writing. Additionally, the company should have public liability insurance to cover the cost of any damage done to the carpet.

If you are need of a well qualified and professional cleaner, please contact All Purpose Solutions in Adelaide at 04 2589 0033 or info@allpurposesolutions.com.au. We make sure that your carpets gleam as new as fresh, with high consideration to customer satisfaction.