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Spring Cleaning Tips Adelaide

Give Home A Spring Makeover With Quick / Cheap Tricks

Winter has just passed away and it is the time for you to take back control of your home and premises. We have these easy and no-fail techniques to make things easier for you. Make your home gleaming and smell fresh with the following spring cleaning tips and home cleaning ideas:

1) Make some homemade cleaning products: These are kinder to your environment, the pockets and work efficiently. Use microfibre cloth, lemons, white vinegar, baking soda, salt, soap flakes, washing soda, essential oils and get rid of the harmful chemicals.

2) Pamper your living room: Start with decluttering, washing your cushion covers, dry cleaning your curtains and throwing away the rugs. Attend the floors, wipe down all the surfaces from window cleaning service adelaide to the upholstery cleaning. Once-over your furniture with a suitable rejuvenator.

3) Kitchen deserves the best of cleaning: Wipe your counters clean, organise the clutter in the drawers and put appliances in place. Damp sponge with vinegar/baking soda to get rid of grime, grit and dust off the cabinets, platforms, stovetop and appliances. Steam clean for the most effective solution to darkened and greased floors.

4) Make your bathroom a heaven again: Make a solution with 3 tablespoons baking soda and 1/2 cup household ammonia into 2 cups warm water. This would work as your miracle cleaner for all the surfaces. Use antacids, vitamin tablet or mouthwash to clean your toilet. Increase the amount of air circulation and light in the bathroom to prevent moisture.

5) Get your mattress in top condition: Flip your mattress, also rotate it 180 degrees, swapping the head and feet sides. Invest in good quality mattress protector. Air your mattress before changing the linens.

Get your home the best makeover and hope that summer would be turning up soon. If you are running out of time to manage the chaos and need professional cleaning services in Adelaide, Get Free Instant Quote now.