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Mattress Cleaning

Don’t Let Santa See Your Raggedy Mattress

A mattress is said to be one of the most important domestic commodities a common household possess. In the current capitalist era, we are bound to work more hours than we have played or rested. And that’s why your mattress plays a significant role in your daily life. The 7-8 hour sleep that we get during the night proves to be instrumental in helping you get by the next day. And the lack of this sleep over a period of time can result in serious health complications.

But we are no Al Herpin’s and are fortunate enough to get a decent nap each time we try. This brings us to the point of assessing the condition of the mattress. A mattress needs to be clean from outside and inside as well. The fluids, dust, and other particles get absorbed into the mattress and seep lower into the deeper layers of fabric. Here is a list of considerations you should make before spend all your money on a big screen TV this Christmas:

How Raggedy is your Mattress?

Do you suffer from temporary pains after waking up?

  • Old and out-dated mattresses do not fit the orthopaedic standards most brands set out to achieve lately. This is why it is highly advisable to utilise the benefits of this new sleeping technology.

Does your mattress look and smell unpleasant?

  • Covering up the smells with deodorisers will quite literally be only a 20 minute fix at some point. And covering spots with a nice bedsheet is only taking care of a small part of the problem. If your mattress is not more than 3 years old, it will pay off to have it professionally cleaned.

Bed Bugs Bite

  • Having bed bugs is the ultimate form of torture for a light sleeper. Bed bugs detect movement, and will most likely be sucking on you if you move even a bit in your sleep. If you try to shake them off your bedsheets with rapid fluttering, you’re not getting anywhere. They hold on tightly to any surface in the event of a Bed Bug earthquake. So, your best bet is to get them exterminated.

If you have any issues cleaning your mattress or any other upholstery in your home, All Purpose solutions will be there at the first call!