Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service in Henley Beach, Westlakes, Woodville, Findon

As a homeowner, it is a natural tendency to expect your carpets to look cleaner and smell fresh always. Ironically, carpets are prone to dirt, allergens and stains much easily. It is a common thing for the dirt, dust mites, grime, stains and pet dander to build up in the fibres of the carpet over the time. This also makes them look grimy, unattractive and discoloured. To give a new life to your carpets, All Purpose Solutions provides carpet care, cleaning and maintenance services of highest quality. We cater to the needs of all the commercial, residential and industrial spaces.

Cleaning the carpets is much easier than you think! All you need is a little knowledge about hiring the most reliable professional carpet cleaning in Adelaide. At All Purpose Solutions, we know how the matted and soiled carpets feel. With our domestic cleaning services Adelaide, our expert technicians clean your dirty carpets – leaving them clean, smelling fresh and odor-free. Our domestic cleaning services Adelaide includes professionally recognised carpet cleaning system, along with other residential cleaning services.

OUR CARPET CLEANING PROCESS: With state-of-art equipment and green cleaning solutions, we provide you with the best carpet cleaning service available. Our carpet cleaning process involves extraction of dirt, removal of stains, elimination of odors, restoring the colours and leaving your carpets as good as new. We rely on powerful and industry-leading techniques which easily release deeply seated contaminants from the carpet fibres, followed by a fibre rinse. We ensure that there is no residual cleaning solutions and unwanted moisture in the carpets. Our services include faster drying and healthier carpets for your home.


  • Trained and courteous technicians
  • 100% satisfaction with quality of service
  • Scheduling flexibility
  • Special attention to high traffic areas and troublesome spots
  • Carpet protectors and deodorisers, if required
  • Unique extraction system for quick drying
  • Options in Steam cleaning and dry cleaning
  • Consistent quality carpet care
  • Green-certified cleaning products
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction
  • Responsive carpet cleaning service, available 24/7
  • FREE quotes and estimates on all cleaning services

WHY IS PROFESSIONAL CARPET CLEANING IMPORTANT? Clean looking carpets also carry unseen dirt, grime and contaminants which affect the indoor air quality. Moreover, it is difficult to remove the deeply seated allergens with standard vacuum cleaners. Whereas, the professional carpet cleaners use robust methods and machinery to provide the required effective carpet cleaning. With regular carpet cleaning Henley Beach, the carpets remain free from all the noticeable contaminants and particles which lay within the carpet fibres.

Our technicians are trained to understand all the phases of soil analysis, fibre identification, carpet cleaning and fabric care. For further inquiries, please call us on 04 5553 3313/08 8296 1956. We provide easier and long lasting ways to carpet cleaning.