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Cleaning Products

Cleaning Products and the Obvious Hidden Truths

Cleaning products are not to be taken lightly. While their easy to use packaging and bright colours might make them seem safe to the uneducated eye, you will be surprised as to how many warnings people usually miss out on while buying and using such products. We always ensure that sharp and heavy objects should not be kept in the sight of our children and pets. So why do we not have the same alertness when it comes to these strong chemicals.

Here is a checklist of items that need to be scrutinised before making any purchases:

  • Never buy chemical products hastily. Always ensure that you allot special time in these isles. The information that can either make or break good health is always on the back. The front side of the packaging comprises only of advertising material that is designed to catch your gaze while you browse the shelves.
  • Multi-purpose cleaners are not exactly multi-purposeĀ once you read the back side of the product. It can be found on most of them that there are quite a few exceptions such as marble, granite, painted surfaces and so on.
  • Spray and Wipe cleaners are meant to left sitting on the surface. While the name suggests an immediate procession of action, the instructions behind might tell you to leave the liquid on the affected area for 10 minutes before wiping with a cloth or a sponge.
  • AVOID MIXING CHEMICALS. Mixing chemicals can potentially lead to explosive concoctions. For instance mixing ammonia and bleach can put out fumes that can cause death.
  • ALWAYS WEAR GLOVES. No explanation is required for this point. As we all know, we should protect our skin from chemicals at all costs. Gloves guarantee skin safety eventually leading to sustained good health. We tend to use our hands on our faces or other parts of our body while cleaning. If chemicals get transferred from our bare hands to other parts, we are likely to develop rashes and overall discomfort.