We’re proud to present you with professional car care services, in order to maintain the pristine conditions of your vehicle.

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APS Car Wash Features

  • APS serves with the State-of-the-Art Equipments and Computerized Technology
  • Use of well known and proven cleaning products
  • Soft Neoprene & Microfiber Friction
  • Spot Free Water and Touch-Less Drying
  • Self-Serving Vacuums and Vending Products for Interiors

Gentle Care

Your vehicle is washed by well trained hands of our employees. Soft wool of lambs is used to maintain the look and feel of your vehicle. Hand-held air guns are used to remove excess water from your vehicle’s exterior trim and mirror areas.


By the time you have a cup of coffee at a nearby café; your vehicle will be done having a bath as it takes us around 20 minutes to carry out a thorough wash of your vehicle.

Our Services

  • Premium Car Wash
  • Mini Car Detail
  • Interior Detail
  • Cut and Polish
  • Interior Deluxe Detail
  • Exterior Deluxe Detail
  • Full Detail
  • Fleet Car Detailing
  • Trucks, Caravans, Boats & More

Car Interior Cleaning

We at APS, a team of experts to dry clean or steam clean the interiors of your vehicle, car seats, car carpets and upholstery. We also carry out cleaning of leather seats with our special-formulated creams.

Importance of Car Interior Cleaning

Environment of your car can make or break your mood. Car cleaning doesn’t mean just regular wash or vacuum. It is very important to get your car interior cleaned by professional cleaners at regular intervals, for the removal of unpleasant stains and dirt and bring back their look and feel. It needs to be cleaned on regular intervals for long lasting new look and to keep away from dust, germs and other micro organism growing in the vehicles.

How do we clean interiors of your car?

APS is capable of dry or steam cleaning your car interiors including carpets, floor mats, seats, headliners, doors, dashboard, trunk etc…. We are armed with the best cleaning products and equipments available in the market.

Our skilled technicians are experts at removing perspiration and stains from leather seats with our specially formulated cream. We pay special attention to your car’s interiors to get back that aroma of a new car.

The best Car Interior Cleaners are available at APS in Adelaide.

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