Our Bin Cleaning Services

We offer services for washing, sanitization and deodorization of your wheeled bins from inside and outside with a special unit of APS specialized at Bin cleaning. Unlike our competitors, we clean your household, compostable and recycling bins. Our Bin Cleaning service takes place on the same day as your bins have been emptied.

Bin Identification and Relocation

After your wheeled bins are cleaned, they will be uniquely identified, showing the property number and after every round of cleaning schedule, your wheeled bins will be get back to the place allocated to them.

Domestic Bin Cleaning

APS is a professionally run company offering a friendly, reliable service specialized in cleaning domestic wheelie bins. We have our own unique and custom built fleet of mobile washing and sterilizing units. We make sure that all the water we use for cleaning is removed from your premises to be properly disposed of. We only use 100% Biodegradable chemicals and that’s why the whole process is entirely eco friendly.

Commercial Bin Cleaning

We are experts in all aspects of Bin Cleaning for all businesses.

Local Authorities are always thriving for improving the quality of waste collection services; they have now started including a bin cleaning schedule as part of their tenders. It is not only legal but also a moral obligation to provide a safe working atmosphere and to ensure the Health and Safety of your employees, customers and other people affected by your commercial activities.

A contaminated bin may prove to be a big safety hazard causing poor health conditions and providing favorable atmosphere to grow for bacteria such as Salmonella, E-coli and Listeria to name a few.

Our professional bin cleaning service is available for a broad range of industry like Restaurants, Pub & Hotels, Supermarkets, Fast Food Retailers, Schools, Hospitals, Nursing homes, Retirement Homes, Leisure Centers, Flats & Apartments, Housing Associations, Shops & Offices, Banks, Facilities Management Companies