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Making You Sick At Home

3 Things That Are Making You Sick At Home

There are several factors that can cause sickness within the home. We often blame external factors for such illnesses, especially when it’s our kids or other loved ones in the picture. However, it pays off to have your home checked for illness causing elements.

Here is a list of things that we have found to be leading causes of illness inside the home:

1. Dust

Dust does not exist in itself. We have named a collection of various elements as dust. Dust usually comprises of organic and inorganic particles. These include but are not limited to, flame retardants, human skin cells, paint particles, cigarette smoke and all its toxic by products. How can you battle the dust?

  • Use air treatment systems
  • Periodically get carpets and upholstery cleaned by professionals
  • Instead of moving dust around, try to use cloths that allow dust to stick deep into them

2. Mold

According to research done by the Environmental agencies in Australia, it was revealed that 25-45% homes have areas that have been unknowingly left in damp conditions. Damp conditions can often be found under carpets, walls or other materials and can lead to disastrous consequences such as the formation of mold. Mold is a well known cause of:

  • Allergic reactions such as skin rashes and breathing disorders
  • Asthma
  • Hypersensitivity pneumonia
  • And several other complications

3. Toxic Chemical Solutions

You might have discovered lately that people have been stressing on the use of organic cleaning solutions. While this seems trivial at first, since the chemical cleaners do a fabulous job of cleaning; the outcomes are damaging over the long run. These types of cleaning solutions are packed with caustic detergents, harsh chemicals and leave behind a trail of toxic residues.

Nobody can pin point the ill effects these chemicals cause over the long run, but research states that they have been linked to cancer, nervous system damage and reproductive disorders.

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